R E T R O   S T I L L   L I F E
2D/3D paintings

Whatís for dinner, honey?

Iím a product of suburbia and live in 21st century suburban perfection: Orange County, CA. Iím intrigued by the post-war origins of the American suburban lifestyle. And observation tells me that even today many things remain unchanged. The perfect housewife, perfect children and the problem-less nuclear family ideals still exist. At least on the surface.

In these paintings Iím taking a look at what lies just beneath the suburban veneer. Borrowing 1-dimensional images from the 50ís and Barbie dolls to represent the unattainable female ideal, Iím adding a twist of humor and addressing some of the coping mechanisms of the modern suburban woman (Prozac anyone?)

Stay tuned as this series evolves.

P.S. for Gloria S.: the ďproblem with no nameĒ is still here. RIP.

Escape From Suburbia

Prozac World

Suburb-a-Bits (in progress)