As an artist, Robbie combines an intuitive sense of design and color with a witty, and sometimes irreverent, take on the world around her.

Born and raised in the northeastern U.S., Robbie knew she was an artist since childhood, and vividly remembers her first crush on a red Crayola. Lured by the sunshine and wide open skies, she moved to Southern California in her 20’s and has lived in the Southwest ever since.

Robbie explored many mediums from traditional charcoal drawing on paper to experiments with fibers and dye. Eventually she found herself intrigued by – then hoarding – a variety of discarded and forgotten objects (read: Junk.) Mixed media and assemblage became natural directions to take with her art.

In her most recent 2D-3D paintings, Robbie takes a close and humorous look at life and the sometimes-stifling expectations and roles society imposes the individual. Yet the underlying message speaks of the soul’s unquenchable desire for freedom. Her work is both intensely personal and universal in its appeal.

Robbie’s art has a refreshing honesty that disarms the viewer and allows the message to penetrate. Above all, the artist wants to provoke her viewers to think, to let their own story unfold, to find their own truth. In her words, “The art is just the catalyst.”

Robbie has studied fine art at the University of Rhode Island, Arizona State University, Scottsdale Artists’ School, and with the Alvarez Studio in Laguna Beach, CA.